The Sentient Circle has released a groundbreaking new film aimed at illuminating future parents on the impacts of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. In this stunningly beautiful feature titled “Birth As We Know It” (1hr, 15 minutes), Director Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova shares her experiences as one of the co-creators of the “Conscious Birth” movement in Russia during the early 1980's. It included a very effective birth preparation program which culminated in summer birth-camps at the Black Sea where women gave birth to their babies in warm shallow lagoons.  
  The movie features eleven natural births, including home birth, water birth, birth of twins, breech delivery and an astounding self-birth by Tanya Sargunas - a world renowned Spiritual Midwife and pioneer of Conscious Birth in Russia. The midwife community calls this film "the most profound and comprehensive guide to conscious birth in the world", because it delivers a powerful transmission of what it really takes to give birth consciously and gracefully.  

Also featured are informative interviews on topics rarely discussed, such as the Sexuality of Childbirth, Circumcision and Limbic Imprinting, and conveys its message in a non-intrusive, wonderfully inspirational way.

''We must pay tribute to Elena for prompting us to re-examine basic features of human nature. Her film explains why millions of women, all over the world, dream of giving birth in the sea, among dolphins,'' said Dr. Michel Odent, author, founder of the Primal Health Research Center in London (UK), and an icon in the world of natural delivery for the past 30 years.


Since 1982 Vladimirova has been involved in teaching her program of preparation for natural delivery and birth trauma release. She has traveled throughout the U.S. teaching ''Birth Into Being'' Birthshops that incorporate breathwork, graceful movements and emotional healing that often lead to ecstatic birth experiences for both parents. “The birth itself is the last accord in this fascinating journey of self discovery", says Vladimirova, “After all preparation is accomplished, the delivery of the baby unfolds naturally in all it’s magnificence”.

Vladimirova believes that her documentary offers an opportunity to create a profound shift in the world by showing the significant impact that the conscious birthing experience has on the parents and the newborns. She gently states that, “humans have always had access to the most profound way of healing through bringing new life into this world. We can now reconnect with our source and give birth naturally, the way we, as a species, have always known.”


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