"Birth As We Know It is a stunning film that pulls you in and mesmerizes you with its beauty. It delicately depicts and sensitively observes one of natures most private and yet miraculous events: the birth of a new human being. Rare and intelligent. Scientifically sound. Highly recommended to all future parents who who want to birth a new generation of loving and caring children. "

Thomas R. Verny MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC

"Beautifully crafted and visually stunning, Birth As We Know It not only inspires us to birth consciously; it also gives us the information we need to prepare our minds and bodies for this pivotal event. Birth As We Know It will be invaluable for mothers, fathers, midwives and everyone involved with birth and babies, awakening us all to the central role of birth in life-long health and wellbeing.

It is amazing, one of the most powerful birth films that I have seen. Inspiring, informative, delightful, full of gems and stories to counteract this crazy world we live in...I love your narration, so natural and yet profound, I wanted to write down so much of what you said. I also found it personally profound, your understanding of life, limbic imprinting, your dancing... Simply amazing!"

Dr Sarah J Buckley - GP/family physician, Author of
"Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering; The Wisdom and Science of Gentle Choices in Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting"

"My goodness, what a gorgeous piece of work. I often find birth films either overly romantic or overly political. "Birth As We Know It" is neither, but manages to deliver an unmistakable and unforgettable message. The viewer feels treated as gently as do the parents who are bringing their babies into the outside world."

Dr. Michael Trout, APPPAH vice-president

"This is a planetary moment. One of the most cherished events in life has now been brought to the altar in the most peaceful way it can happen.. Not only is the moment of birth a deserved public event but the way in which the birth can now be a family tradition is profound. "

Jim Channon, Global Social Architect

"I showed 'Birth As We Know It' to my daughter-in-law, Danelle, who was born by c-section because she was breech. She collapsed into hysterical sobs. As she witnessed c-section in the film, she was re-visiting her own traumatic birth. After the crying was over she felt an enormous release. Six years of therapy in one hour!! Even though her own son was breech, she chose to deliver at home, unassisted. It was quite a remarkable healing for Danelle, and Elena said she has the same stories from women all over the world. This is an exquisite film!"

Marilyn Milos, NOCIRC Founder and President

"Every young woman in the world, before she even thinks of having a child, should see Birth As We Know It. Every woman needs to know that she has a choice between fear and joy. This film is about the happiest day in a woman's life ­ the day she gives birth. It will help her to prepare for a joyous birth, instead of a possibly wretched one and avoid the pitfalls of 'modern' medicine, which fails to recognize that birth is a normal, natural process that women have been carrying out successfully since the beginning of time. This film will lead her toward experiencing the empowerment that a natural birth will give her, which is her birthright. It is unlikely that she will ever see as important a film again during her lifetime."

George C. Denniston MD, MPH, Retired Professor of Family Medicine, University of Washington

President, Population Dynamics, Seattle WA
President, Doctors Opposing Circumcision
Former Associate Medical Director,
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

"I spent a morning with Birth As We Know It and have already begun to spread the good news of this priceless work. My congratulations and best wishes"

Dr. David Chamberlain, Psychologist
Author, The Mind of Your Newborn Baby
Editor, www.birthpsychology.com

"Elena Vladimorova has cracked the egg open before our eyes. Nothing can bring female valor and compassion so vividly into our awareness. Nothing can reveal more tenderness. She shows the last vestiges of our technological age for just what it is ...efficient but mildly ruthless ... its time to make the next move to a real global civilization. It is time to do that with the compassion deeply inherent in our natural ways of being. She has compiled the evidence in the most moving way. Three cheers for the director and the dancer! Truly a landmark global production."

Jim Channon, Global Social Architect

"Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful film, I love it. I am a Doula trainer and international speaker. I showed the film at two Doula workshops recently- one in Austria and the other in the Netherlands and all loved your film."

Debra Pascali-Bonaro -- www.orgasmicbirth.com

"I have been showing Amber and Nassim's birth in my Birthing Body & Soul class which I teach at a local pediatricians office. I have had such incredible positive feedback! I think it teaches something I have not seen anywhere else. It is such a valuable contribution to our work. The whole film is! but I get a very direct feedback on that section and it is wonderful."

Shelley Campbell, childbirth educator

"We must pay tribute to Elena for prompting us to re-examine basic features of human nature. Her film explains why millions of women, all over the world, dream of giving birth in the sea, among dolphins."

Dr. Michel Odent

"I was spellbound with 'Birth As We Know It'. I will watch it again and again for years to come".

Stephanie Neurohr, filmmaker and mother of 7

"I just can’t thank you enough for contributing your film to my library. It is amazing. Inspiring. Life changing!!!!!!!!!! If you are ever in the Seattle area, please let me know as I would be honored to meet you and or hear you speak. Very best wishes"

Corey Colwell-Lipson





"Bravo, Elena! You deserve accolades for bringing the beauty of birth, with its miraculous possibilities, to the attention of all those who have observed birth as normative abuse! Birth needs to be acknowledged as the orgasm of womanhood and honored in that light. When women are prepared, birth is an ecstatic experience, and you have documented and shown it in such a way that there can be no doubt about its potential."

Marilyn Milos

"This film delivers a powerful transmission of what it really takes to give birth consciously."

Tatiana Sargunas, spiritual midwife, mother of 4.

"I'm absolutely elated about my birthing experience and am forever grateful to the film "Birth As We Know It" for instilling the confidence in me to have my baby at home, rather than in the hospital as I had been planning to do. I am 42 and it is my first baby. My doctor told me I was a "high risk" category, so a c-section was due. When I heard in the film that birthing a child could be blissful rather than painful I was very surprised to hear such a thing as the idea was completely foreign to me. Watching so many beautiful women giving birth so peacefully, helped my fears to melt away. It enabled me to avoid a build up of anxiety as the due date approached and put me into a significantly relaxed frame of mind. Not only that, the notion of having my baby in the water was also completely new and totally appealing as I feel very relaxed in water.

Everything brought forward in this film was well articulated in a beautiful way that rang true for me, especially the things about how our own birth trauma affects our self-confidence during the delivery. I believe everybody, especially those planning on having a child, would benefit greatly from seeing it."

Simone Italia age 42

"I live in Costa Rica in the Gulfo Dulce. Recently I had the pleasure of watching your new film "Birth As We Know It". I found it so inspiring! well intended and well documented. Actually, I have seen some of the raw, unedited footage of Tatiana and Igor Chaikovsky at the 3rd International Dolphin/Whale Conference in Hawaii in 1991. It was what inspired me to have a water birth! So, later we ourselves birthed our first son here, IN THE OCEAN! He was born Jan. 1 , 1993. We built a raft and moored it 1/4 km off shore and sunk the raft below the water surface so i could be sitting underwater, floating in the ocean. (Tidal changes here make it difficult to sit on the shoreline to calmly give birth as the waves would be pushing and pulling constantly.) Our birth experiences, both with our first and later our second (on land) were all that your movie is about. We were fortunate to have been able to take responsibility for birthing our sons as we wanted to...naturally, consciously and sacredly. Also my pregnancies were equally embraced as an incredibly amazing time for me when I devoted as much time and attention as I possibly could to the betterment of my health - mentally, physically and spiritually... Indulging in self awareness not only for my own benefit but for the second heart that was beating inside me!!! It was my duty. What a blessed gracious gift from God...conceiving, growing and birthing babies!!! Aahhh...then raising them is a thousand times rewarding even more than the lead up pregnancy/birthing times....."


"I recently bought the DVD Birth As We Know It. My son has just turned a year old and I still feel that I never gave birth to him. He was simply removed from my body by c-section after a failed induction. The induction was done, basically, due to nervous midwife and doctor.

Despite having trained as a doula and planning a water birth at home, I still ended up in a hospital, not being able to hold my son until 12 hours after he was born and suffering badly from post-natal depression.

I hope to have more children and seeing this DVD has helped me find a starting place. I realize now that I have so much work to do on myself before i can consider another child. I need to find that belief in my body that has been so devastated by my past experience. This has been such a gift to me, and I am so thankful to find this information that I had to thank you for it. I live in South Africa, which I'm told has the highest c-section rate in the world (around 80% of all births). It is very hard to find support for natural childbirth - from friends and family alone, never mind health professionals! I'm considered quite crazy for even considering homebirth an option. I hope once I have worked through my own issues that I will be able to give something back, hopefully by educating women in my country about just how wonderful their bodies are and that we are designed perfectly to give birth without intervention. Your film will be instrumental in my efforts. thank you again for this wonderful gift you have given the world."


"I want to share with you about my amazing healing that happened at your workshop in Florida. I am 64 years old, nevertheless, I am so happy to have attended it. I didn't really want to go, but my daughter, who had been to your workshop before and who is my biggest teacher! wanted me to go with her this time. My experience was amazing! So much good came out of it. And, it was done so well! The part where we experienced to be born in Love was the most powerful! It was done with so much kindness and gentleness - it was just what I needed! The healing that I felt that weekend has had such long-lasting effects, especially with my heart. I have a pacemaker implanted because of a weakened heart condition. Two weeks after the seminar I had my six-month test following the implantation. For the past 7 1/2 years my heart's pumping efficiency had been at approximately 27, when normal is 55. The test indicates that I am now at 50! I attribute that to the healing I received during your workshop. The doctors are overwhelmed, because they say it is extremely rare that such an improvement can occur. I call it a God-given Miracle. Another powerful gift from that re-birthing experience, has been my release of my daughter. She has been also re-born in my mind and spirit to be free to live the life she chooses. I have been free now to accept that she lives so far away, in CA, and free from the overwhelming sadness from missing her presence. And finally, there was a first-time experience of being at peace with the other women. The loving, caring atmosphere was so nurturing to sooth my fears and anxieties. I've never had that in my life. The guidance from you, Elena, was so wise and focused on being unashamed and supporting one another. It too was truly a gift! I can hardly wait to go on the second level to continue the healing. Thank you!"

Rose Mary Amantia